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ha..hah.hah.a…what are you talking about of course i don’t think 30+ edgeworth is really ikemen…..haha……..

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ah im going to randomly disappear tomorrow because i’ll be on a flight to canada!!! so uh yeah sorry if im late in answering any asks ;w;;;

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/prays for ikemens in my class

xopf replied to your post: wait how old am i

plot twist: you’re actually 273 years old but you officially reincarnated

ooHHHhHHHHH YOU’RE HERE I’M REALLY HAPPY we’re really bored without you ;w;;; sits on u i’m sending you the thing from bali today so you should get it in like a week/2 weeks? ish? tell me when it reaches you ;w;

also if i’m  273 years old aren’t you as well i mean you’re older than me

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100 years old

pokkoo-shuu replied to your post: wait how old am i

12 perhaps? ww tensaiii daaaa

ahhhh…i see, i’m forever a loli

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wait how old am i


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oh yeah i wanted to mention this a while back but um

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it took 5 million years but i finally had time to finish subbing it ww

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Ito Kashitaro - Milk and Coffee (ミルクとコーヒー)

No matter what form it takes, as long as both parties are filled with happiness, can’t that be called love?

Music/Lyrics/Vocal: Ito Kashitaro (伊東歌詞太郎)
Arrangement: Rerulili (れるりり)
Art: Kuwahara Sota (桑原草太)
Video: Emumelo (えむめろ)

Original VideoGumi Ver.