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ooowhahah im done with my essay now i have chinese hw to do ;w;;;

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I can't take the risk... I need at least a shower a day... I live in a land of perpetual summer...


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Actually taking a shower everyday could lower your defense, because your skin has certain good bacterias that protect you. The normal thing is taking a shower a day every other day (like, a day yes, a day not, and so on)


personally i still think that once a day is best, especially since you tend to start smelling strange (especially in summer) but i guess that differs from person to person but this is interesting, thanks!!

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also the people in front of me in the stir-fry line were talking about anime and one guy recommended the other sao II and i was just like *silently judging u from behind*

100 words spent on bullshitting only 200 left

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*hides Fabreeze bottle* ... Did I say almost? I meant every single day... 3 times a day!

good child…..u must shine……surpass the sun

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i gave up on my essay w

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ok ok ok but soraru trying to be high tension is the funniest thing ever you cant convince me otherwise

Hey! I am not a dirty follower! I take a shower almost every day!

holds u up as an example

to follow me u must be like this anon and take a shower every day

whoops! sanity! I pray for your sanity, ame-san. sorry

oh my god you really scared me wwwwww it’s ok i think they’re done so im fine haha

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