Rib (りぶ) - Riboot

Masterpost for the translations of all original songs in Rib’s newest album, Riboot, including the Secret Track. I’ll also translate some of the other songs, especially ones that I can’t find any translations for.

Forty-Seven (ヨンジュウナナ) - MikitoP
Lobelia (ロベリア) - sequel & Yumisora
Start Out Repeat Show (スタートアウト・リピートショー) - Tokotoko & Rib
One Room All That Jazz (ワンルーム・オール・ザット・ジャズ) - Dateken
Jitter Doll (ジッタードール) - niki
A Flying Fish’s Dream (トビウオの夢) - 40mP
Whiter Than Snow - halyosy
Life Screams (人生は吠える) - Neru
Passing the Night (夜を超えろ) - Ramune
Told You Goodbye (さよならを告げた) - Watari Kazuhisa & Fumido (Arrangement)

Bolded titles are the original songs!